Error after upgrading to Mattermost 9.8.0: ERROR_SAFETY_LIMITS_EXCEEDED

I recently upgraded our Mattermost server from version 9.5.1 to 9.8.0. Post-upgrade, we started encountering an error with the following message:


To provide some context, our server hosts less than 100 users, so it’s surprising to see this error. Below are some details about our Mattermost server setup:

  • Mattermost Version: Upgraded from 9.5.1 to 9.8.0
  • Number of Users: Less than 100
  • Server Type: Self-hosted

Despite the small user base, we are hitting this error. I would appreciate any guidance or support on how to resolve this issue.

Hi there, this is described in the v9.8.0 changelog: Mattermost changelog - Mattermost documentation

  • Added safety limit error message in compiled Team Edition and Enterprise Edition deployments when enterprise scale and access control automation features are unavailable, and message count exceeds 5 million posts. ERROR_SAFE_LIMITS_EXCEEDED.