Upgrade Consideration for Mattermost Team Edition 9.9.0 with User Count Concerns

Exploring upgrade to Mattermost Team Edition 9.9.0 for our 4300 user base(1000 activated, 3270 deactivated), evaluating impact of safety error limits on installations exceeding 5000 users

We are planning to upgrade to latest feature release, Teams Edition 9.9.0

Expected behavior
Currently, we have a total of 4.3k users (3270 deactivated and 1k activated). Upon reviewing the release notes for version 9.9.0, we noticed a ERROR_SAFE_LIMITS_EXCEEDED for instances with more than 5000 users. We need to know if Mattermost counts both activated and deactivated users towards the total user count, to ensure we do not encounter the same warning as we did when upgrading to version 9.8.0.

Observed Behavior
While upgrading to version 9.8.0, we received a warning signal in our Mattermost Teams Edition where the message count exceeds 5 million( which in our case exceeded 10+ million though), which got removed after upgrading to 9.8.1 security release. Please refer to the screenshot below for reference.

Also we would like to know the way to clean up/clear the oldest posts in the Mattermost Team Edition.

How on Earth are you searching 10 million posts via the database???

The SAFE_LIMITS_EXCEEDED message isn’t any kind of a hard limit in and of itself… it’s just telling you you’re dancing on the head of a pin without the features we include in the paid versions to scale use and management by thousands of users. For example, Enterprise allows the use of Elasticsearch to handle your searching rather than clubbing your poor database to death :slight_smile:

Kudos to you for keeping this instance up and running and usable for that kind of user count! You’re clearly deriving an enormous amount of value from it… wouldn’t it be worth looking at investing in High Availability, better user management, better searches, and so much more?

Hi @john.oliver,
Thank you for your prompt response. We are currently exploring the move to the Enterprise Edition, this may take some time and is planned for the future.

To reframe my question: As mentioned in the release notes, will we encounter the error limit message concerning the 5,000-user threshold? Specifically, does this limit apply to both active and inactive users together? We have approximately 1,000 active users and 3,300 inactive users.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Active users. Inactive don’t count.

If you want to DM me your email address and what organization this is, I can get you in touch with the right person to get a quote.

I take that back… The enforcement of user limits was introduced in v9.7 and is currently at 11K

Hey @john.oliver
Thanks for sharing the information.
Based on your confirmation and our active user count is 1000, we are proceeding with the 9.9.0 feature release - Teams Edition. :slightly_smiling_face: