Favorite lists for Channels and People // folder structure for favorite lists

I have two ideas to contribute the second one builds on the first one, the first on derived from another product.

Situation in rocket-chat: on top of the left pane, the first entry is: “Favorites”, where your “starred” channels are listed.

enhanced idea of the rocket chat implementation: create a more generic method for starring, so you can not only star channels, but people, conversations as well. this allows to jump right to the important conversations.
adding the number of updates of the item since you viewed (focus on it) it last, next to its name in the list, would be helpful and could be thought of/implemented as well.

organizing favorites: organizing your favorites trough a tree list/threaded view/tree structure, so i can have for instance
for every team/intern project/topic a folder with the starred communication regarding it.

the interface for this must be very intuitive, like drag and drop a message/contact/conversation into favorits,
with the possibility on creating a new sub folder when releasing.
right click on it and a specific button like a star.
i recommend to put a down pointing little triangle next to to the star, on which once clicked, a menu opens with
advanced “add to favorites” options, like those you would get when dragging and dropping an item to favorites.

just by this you can get very structured and very personalized favorites
and as we know, everything which can adopt very dynamically to the needs of people,
will get addictive trough pleasure for them.

items to be favored: channels, personal conversations, people, side threads, single posts and there for links (like an etherpad link, a doodle, a todolist), uploaded media

please discuss and criticize my idea,
till it is so well thought of, that it will be a round solution

by that i want to invite you to not only criticize, but also come up with solutions
and integrate them into the proposal so it fits your needs and that you think
it would work that way and you would like and want to have it yourself!

thank you!

Hi Walter,

We have a feature request for starred channels you can upvote here: https://mattermost.uservoice.com/forums/306457-general/suggestions/11206080-add-favorite-starred-channels

And one for starred messages here:

We would likely add starred channels by having a star beside the channel name, and when a channel is starred it would be added to a “Favorites” section in the left hand channel list. For messages, we would likely have a star button beside the message or an option in the […] menu to star the message. When starred, we would probably have a search filter on the right hand sidebar that lists your starred messaged.

If you have other suggestions on how these should work, we would love to hear them - it’s probably easiest to comment on the feature idea threads listed above so we can keep the discussion all in one place.

I like the idea of being able to see starred messages in a more organized way than just a list of all starred messages - maybe an easy way to do this would be to allow people to search for starred messages and also use the “in: channel-name” filter so they can view starred messages per channel.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if this fits the topic.

I am looking for a plugin or function that extends “New Channel” with an option “Organization” and “Country” and “Town” (analogous to Type, Name, Purpose, Header)

to then filter the search at “More Channels” for this “organization” and / or “Country” and / or “Town”.

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Displaying the total number of channels on “More Channels” would also be nice.

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