Feature request -Attaching multiple photos and background uploading

On the phone app, when attaching photos to a post, I can only select 1 photo at a time.
Feature request: It would be great to be able to select multiple photos to once.

Also the photos need to complete uploading before I can click on send. This is an issue as attaching a high res photo over 4G can take about 10-15sec and we have several to send each time or longer on 3G connections.
Feature request: To allow the message with attachments to be sent in background without having to wait for attachments to complete uploading.

Hi @yanuk! Thank you for reaching out.

Which app are you using, and on which version? What is your Mattermost server version?

For feature requests, would you like to contribute this in the feature idea forum so it can be discussed, upvoted and considered for a help wanted ticket?

Please include a link back to this GitHub issue. If you’re interested in implementing, please say so and we’ll prioritize the review.

You get 10 votes in the feature idea forum, and each one influences the future of the project.

Hi @amy.blais sorry for the late reply.
I’m running Mattermost server 4.10.0
Android App Ver 1.8.0

Will check out the feature idea forum.

Thank you!

I’m now using
Android app version 1.39,
Server 5.31.0

Using the web browser, I can select up to 5 files to attach to a post but I still can’t do it in the android app. Is there any roadmap on implementing this in the app?

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Hello, @yanuk

Multiple file uploads on mobile app is available on my end when using the 1.39.0 version on both iOS and Android. While you are unable to do a single round of multi-select of the files, you need to upload them one by one.

With that being said, may I know if you are looking at selecting multiple files in a single go instead of a successful upload of one after another?