File Upload: Unable to write the file using Vultr Object Storage

Hello, how are you?

I am having a problem with Mattermost and my Vultr Object Storage service, for some reason it is not letting me upload files of any kind but days ago if it worked properly I would like to know how I could solve or get more information of the error to solve it, then I share the log that appears every time I upload a file.

  "caller": "web/context.go:117",
  "err_where": "WriteFile",
  "error": "WriteFile: No se puede escribir el archivo., unable write the data in the file 20230320/teams/noteam/channels/wya4h3cnkbfe3yr8hqg5uuew5c/users/sfgga5ds6tgo8kdfea6pp1ys1r/ucsgpmde13yf5cb4gjqj6aeqnc/image.png: Put \"\": context deadline exceeded",
  "http_code": 500,
  "ip_addr": "",
  "level": "error",
  "method": "POST",
  "msg": "Unable to write the file.",
  "path": "/api/v4/files",
  "request_id": "y5hi3wjrjbnr7b5pg77zd5cube",
  "timestamp": "2023-03-20 22:08:42.464 Z",
  "user_id": "sfgga5ds6tgo8kdfea6pp1ysxx"

Looks like you are running into timeouts while writing to the storage.

What is the value of your FileSettings.AmazonS3RequestTimeoutMilliseconds ? You might want to bump that higher.

I was testing with s3cmd on the server and from my computer with CyberDuck and it seems that the problem is the Vultr Object Storage service.

I will keep you informed