HC2MM migration tool

HC2MM Import tool getting hung on C:\xxx\xxx\hipchat_export\users\xxxx\history.json

While running HC2MM from a Windows 10 Desktop PC, it gets hung on a .json file and errors out about 10 minutes after (Error Reading Properties: Stream Closed). Before erroring out it has passed through thousands of json files already but gets hung on one, I have tried several times to remove the troublesome file but it gets hung a few more down the line.

Does anyone know where to find more logs that may point me to why its crashing?

Also it seems like there is quite a bit more info on the hipmost tool, is this the better way to import?

After the tool crashes, would there residual files I should cleanup?

Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Atlassian HipChat 2.4.1 (2018.07.19.134050)

Mattermost Version: 5.12.3
Database Schema Version: 5.12.0
Database: mysql

Hi @Brownr, Would you be open to looking at this tool: https://github.com/ergon/migratemost?

I believe our support team is recommending using the Migratemost tool I linked above because some users haven’t been able to get HC2MM tool to work.

Thanks Amy, I may give that a try soon!

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Hello, @Brownr

How was your experience with the Migratemost tool? Do you have any experience that you can share with the rest of the community that will benefit others who might be interested to perform the migration?

If you have any, please spare some time to include your thoughts in the HipChat to Mattermost Migration topic. Thanks!

Hi, @ahmaddanial

We could not get our files migrated properly, we ended up leaving the old data behind and moved forward with a clean instance.

Hello, @Brownr

Got it. Thanks for the confirmation. Should you have any feedback on the tool, please feel free to share it here or join the Migratemost channel for to communicate directly with the dev.