HipChat import of channel did not import into channel

I just tried to import a room from my old HipChat server into my eval-instance of MM.
Something very strange happened though.
All messages written to that room ended up as private messages to/from each user and not in the indicated room in MM…
Example: Message from me to room in HipChat shows as a private message to/from myself in MM.

The room/channel I try to import from HipChat - must that be non-existing in MM? Or have I done something else wrong in my conversion with hipmost followed by a bulk import using the CLI??


I’ve now tried it with a different name on the channel to be created in MM, but still no channel created with the imported history…

Hi @jby,

There seem to be some similar bug reports on the Hipmost’s repository:

Here are other tools that you could try out:

Would you be able to share any log errors you see, as well as the first couple lines of your Hipchat data file?

Regarding the Hipmost bugs: I started out with the recommended gem, but that made me run into a couple of other bugs, so now I’m using the master branch from github, which seems to work (it doesn’t fail at least), but ends up with the described problem…

I started looking at HC2MM, but that requires ssh-access to the MM server, which I have in a docker container, using the https://github.com/mattermost/mattermost-docker which doesn’t have the possibility to enable SSH inside the container… :frowning:

I haven’t looked at varna, will do
Anonymized first 4 lines of my HipChat datafile created by Hipmost (Or should it have been the before-Hipmost-conversion-file instead?):

    { "type": "team", "team": { "display_name": "TeamName", "teamname": "", "type": "I", "description": "Description", "allow_open_invite": false } }
    { "type": "channel", "channel": { "team": "teamname", "name": "new_channel_name", "display_name": "DisplayName", "type": "P", "header": "Header" } }
    { "type": "user", "user": { "username": "hipchatadministrator", "email": "admin@company.com", "teams": [] } }```

Hi @jby,

Would you be open to creating a support ticket https://mattermost.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new for more help on this issue?

I’m not sure what the solution is and I haven’t received feedback from our team in the past few days on this yet.

I’ve hit that limitation of Hipmost aswell. One could argue, that the representation of a room with less than 8 people is a direct channel in Mattermost. Coming from Hipchat though, I don’t think that makes sense.
I have a local branch of Hipmost where I’ve fixed some issues. After realizing there is too many issues and some data not being migrated, I’ve created my own migration script. You can find it here: https://github.com/ergon/migratemost

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Cheers, it seems to be working, but I’m missing a --skip-deleted-users option, since it bails on non-existing history for deleted users…

Further discussion in the Github issue: https://github.com/ergon/migratemost/issues/1

Hey @seven-plus-t, can I find you in a chat somewhere, the Mattermost community perhaps?

You’ve found me before I’ve seen this message :wink: