I want to create channel name of 2 byte character in application version

I think that this is probably a specification.

When the user specifies the channel name with 2-byte characters, it is noted with red letters “Name must be lowercase alphanumeric characters of two or more letters”.

Currently it is once created in alphabetic characters and modified to 2-byte characters after channel generation.

2-byte characters can be used with PC version, PC web browser, smartphone web browser without problem.

Will this be a feature request? Or is there a way to make it happen?

Mattermost 5.8.0, iOS apps 1.16.1, iOS 12.1.4

Hi @Babbles,

Our developers determined that this sounds like a bug, so I opened a bug ticket for this here: https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/MM-14498.

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