iOS device copy & paste issue for MobileIron EMM

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We have restricted copy & paste option from MobileIron EMM console, see the attached snap shot but iOS device users are able to copy & paste data/content from the MAM container to outside!

Kindly provide suggestion how could I stop this and configure it in a proper way .

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Rohan Choudhari

MM Policy Snap for iOS Device|690x392

What Mattermost mobile app version, Mattermost server version, and iOS version are you on?

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We are using following versions of the software :
Mattermost mobile app version : 1.32.2
Mattermost server version : 5.22.2
iOS version : iOS 13.5

We are facing the issue for iOS Device users and not for any Android device users .

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It could be because of an invalid config; all of the settings should be string (not boolean). After setting to string, copy/paste protection and restricting changing the server should work as expected.

Also see docs here:

Hi Guys, another issue we see is that if you download an excel sheet from the iOS app you are able to save it into the Apple iOS Files app. This is violation of DLP rules. Any way to restrict it? This app is a managed app deployed with perApp VPN config. “copyAndPasteProtection” flag set to “true”

I replicated this issue on my own mattermost server and iOS Mattermost client (latest version) with MobileIron Cloud. The appconfig is working fine just the copy/paste protection isn’t working.

Hi @vilakshan

can you confirm that the copy paste proteciton was added in the iOS managed app settings like in the following screenshot:

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so you are asking me add 2 entries? MobileIron has already picked up the first one which I had modified. Now do you want me to add another setting like you see in the screenshot?

Remember that the server URL which is below the copy paste option is going to my iOS app correctly. No manual entry is needed. MobileIron as a generic rule will follow the XSD/XML rule defined in the app so if its expecting string it will be passing a string only.

Dear @sven.huester Thank you for your kind help & support .
Could you please just confirm whether the issue is from Mattermost Application Server side or MobileIron MAM side so that It will be easier to troubleshoot .

Thanks in advance .

Dear Mattermost community could you please provide any help in this regard ? Requesting your valuable inputs

Based on the docs the setting should be defined as a string: Does the feature work properly now after you updated the Managed App Settings?

Could you please just confirm whether the issue is from Mattermost Application Server side or MobileIron MAM side so that It will be easier to troubleshoot .

Hi @rohan23 and @oliverthom707 , sorry for the delay here. My notifications for the forums are messed up and I missed this. Sorry about that.

I’ll need to check in with the engineering team on this one and also confirm it’s all working as expected on my device. I’ll get back to you asap once I’ve verified the expected behavior.

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@sven.huester No issues , Thank you for the reply . We are awaiting for your kind revert to clarify the issue is from Mattermost server side or MAM so that we can troubleshoot it in right direction

We are currently stuck & cant troubleshoot the issue since we are not able to figure out if the issue is from Mattermost Server Configuration side or Mobile Iron Side . If we get some idea from any community member that would be really helpful .
Thank you in advance .

Dear Team , can we get any update ?

One of our devs commented with:

Watching the video here, it seems the user is copying a post permalink which is not controlled by the setting and expected to be available. The option to copy the post text is not present, so the setting is working just fine.

As for the Excel file being able to save it to the files app, that is controlled by the OS QuickLook functionality, and what you could do here is to restrict downloading files in the mobile app by setting the server config.

For example, opening the same Excel file on Android will require the use of a third party application that can open that file type, and we don’t have control over that third party app.

Thank you @amy.blais for the kind help , First of all we want to inform you that, we are using MobileIron on-premise solution not cloud based. We have simply uploaded Matter most app on MobileIron console and applied settings and restricted copy past option as seen in shared screen shot. Please check & confirm.

In this scenario Mattermost application is controlled by MobileIron but at the end MobileIron picks the all Mattermost app configuration settings to put control.

There may be possibility that, the flag of copy & paste control is not configured in Mattermost app hence requesting you to check and revert us with your findings.

@elias Would you know next steps on this?