iOS pinch to zoom doesn't stay

Hi all,

Mattermost iOS picture preview usually displays the pictures using fit width to the screen.

This is wierd when you have a picture with a lot height but not much width because good part of the picture will be outside of the screen.

To adjust this, today you can use pinch to zoom gesture. The issue is as soon as you release the pinch to zoom, the picture goes back to the original position, really not helping.

Can we have some improvements done on picture preview?

  • The preview tool should display pictures with more height better (should use fit all), maybe?
  • The preview tool should not reset after pinch to zoom.
  • The preview tool should not reset after finger scrolling.
  • The preview tool should have a button to reset the picture back to its original position, next to the download button.


Example of a picture with long height displayed in picture preview

Actual picture adjusted with pinch to zoom(I had to keep holding my finger on the screen to get this screenshot)

Thank you @RbDev, I opened a ticket here:

Hi @RbDev Our developers said this is not a bug as there is a defined max zoom that you can apply.

there is a small area where you can zoom in, probably needs to be increased.

we also need to be able to zoom out and finger scroll.

@RbDev Sorry for the delay - thank you for the feedback, these would be good feature requests / improvements.

Pls add the original picture and see for yourself how limited the current picture preview is.