Mattermost Grafana integration


Grafana alerts posted to Mattermost do not contain images.

Steps to reproduce

  • Configure a Grafana alerting notification channel of type Slack
  • Generate an alert in Grafana

Mattermost version: 5.2.1
Database schema version: 5.2.0
Database: postgres

Grafana version: 5.2.4

Expected behavior

The alert that shows up in the Mattermost channel should have an image included.

Observed behavior

The alert that shows up in the Mattermost channel does not contain an image.
(sorry can’t put 2 images as I’m a new user)

Hi @bekir,

There are some troubleshooting tips in Grafana docs (found via our docs page - let me know if any of the tips help as a start?

Thanks for the link.

But it is actually the other way that we have a problem : when a Grafana alert pushes a notification to a Mattermost channel.

Hope this makes sense

Hi @bekir,

Can you share any errors you see in the logs from around the time an alert gets posted?

Hi Amy,

We don’t get any logs really at the time this happens (our logs are set to Info level).

The interesting thing is when we run the notification test in Grafana, we get this dummy image that I posted in my original post.
But we don’t get any image on real notifications after that.

What I don’t understand is how Mattermost is supposed to get these images, as we’re not using an external image service.

Our setup is the following :

  • we have an incoming webhook in Mattermost,
  • we have a slack type notification channel set in Grafana, with the following setup :

Appreciate the report @bekir

Images should be supported in message attachments with a image_url parameter.

Would you be able to help share the payload used to post the attachment by your Grafana integration? Perhaps we’ll be able to spot something that prevents the image from being included.