MM iOS Client type server address issue

I’ve noticed a very unusual issue in the type server address screen in iOS 1.10.0.

You modify the server address, click connect, wait for it to fail, change the address but it server address doesn’t seem to update.

It’s very bizarre. pls have a look at it.



It seems Android is also having this or similar issue.

An Android user said he changed the server address but was still getting “unable to connect the server”.

He only managed to connect after restarting his mobile.

Hi @RbDev - I’ll test this out today as well and will report back.

@RbDev I’m able to repro the server address issue so I opened a ticket here:

However, I’m not able to repro the “unable to connect to server” issue - does it happen every time and does exiting the app for a moment help?

It happened everytime until he restarted Android.

He was typing the correct server address but the app wouldnt “take it”.

Yea facing same in my Realme 2 pro.