Notification and connection issues with MM402


Since my beginning with MM400, I encounter issues when receiving notifications on my iOS and other mobile devices. It seems to work after a reboot of the server, however a few hours later, no messages are sent out. In addition, I cannot relogin on my mobile devices. I receive I blank screen and after a few seconds: Loading Error - You may be offline or the MM server you are trying to connect to is experiencing problems.

Steps to reproduce

Using currently MM402 on Ubuntu (Microsoft Azure), I receive this in my log files over and over again:

[2017/08/13 18:24:32 UTC] [EROR] /api/v3/users/websocket:connect code=500 rid=9j43wc1hepbr9nhomcgbmwomor uid=wxeqb7pd5jfmupyibiz7afz6ie Failed to upgrade websocket connection [details: ]
[2017/08/13 18:24:32 UTC] [EROR] websocket connect err: websocket: origin not allowed

What could be the issue here?

Hi @boschma1 - are you using NGINX?

If so can you check the configuration settings mentioned here as a first step to see if that helps?

Nope. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 here with MySQL and Apache.

@boschma1 - can you check your SiteURL and AllowCorsFrom settings?

It seems like someone here was hitting a similar issue: