MMCTL Version doesn't match with the installed version

I’ve installed Mattermost Version V6.39 linux package (mattermost-6.3.9-linux-amd64.tar.gz)

Steps to reproduce
Mattermost itself works fine, but the mmctl calls writes warning messages.:
WARNING: server version doesn’t match mmctl version v6.3.6

Expected behavior
mmctl user list --all works without problems
As example: mmctl user delete doesn’t works fine (Error aborted)

My questions is: How can I fix this issue?

Hi Roger,

unfortunately there have been some problems with the recent mmctl versions, but you can always download the latest version independently from the running mattermost server. mmctl is just a commandline client and it is backwards compatible, so you can grab the latest version (7.0.1) directly from here and overwrite the existing binary:

This should fix the issues you’re experiencing.


Hi Alex, thanks a lot for your answer.
I’ve overwrite the existing mmctl binary. The warning message is always there, but the CLI works fine.
WARNING: server version doesn’t match mmctl version v7.0.1

Alright, that’s bad news - I think the server version is also affected then and partly responsible for this output. You might want to just skip these warnings on the CLI or upgrade your server (if possible).

If you can live with the cosmetic issue until you upgrade, you should be good to go as long as the functionality is not broken.

7.1.1 just got released three days ago, you might want to give it a shot.

I will ignore this warning and i’m hoping by the next upgrade that these both components has the same version level.
Many thanks for your effort and very helpful information.

Yes, they will - mmctl is always bundled with the server version, so rest assured, these problems all went away with 7.0.1.

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