Move channel creates an internal server error

We have an allgemein and an externe team on our onsite Mattermost.
I want to move ATS from allgemein to externe with “./mmctl channel move externe allgemein:ats”.
I get “Error: 1 error occurred:
* unable to move channel “ats”: : Internal Server Error”

I cannot see anything useful in the log.

What is wrong?


Hi Thomas,

I could not reproduce that here on a 7.9.1 install:

# mmctl --local channel create --team ad-1 --name ats --display-name "ATS"
New channel ats successfully created

# mmctl --local channel move  test ad-1:ats
Moved channel ats to "test" (q44oy1r8s7ybxxo58zx4a5qmdr) from c3pcpsdqjifh8ctt9mbpge1jqo.

Do you have any additional details about this channel?
Is it a public or a private channel?
Is only this channel affected?
When you create a new channel and move it around, does that work?
What Mattermost server version are you running on currently?

Since you’re receiving an internal server error here, you should see that in the logs - if you have a reverse proxy in front of your Mattermost server, can you see the failing request URL in the logs there?

It is a private channel and I found the error. Some of the members were missing in the other team. The error message could be a bit more specific. :slight_smile:


Yes, I think it definitely could be more specific on the root cause of the error or do some validation upfront - glad to hear you got your channel moved!

BTW: What mmctl and mattermost version are you using? I tried to reproduce that on 7.9.1 and the error message is to the point there:

# mmctl --local channel move test ad-1:movetest
Error: 1 error occurred:
        * unable to move channel "movetest": : Unable to move a channel unless all its members are already members of the destination team.