Need some guidance


i am newbie to mattermost. one of my colleague installed mattermost on centos7 VPS. i hv credentials of root (centos7) as well as mattermost sql root user. my user is also created on mattermost. now i need to find out which user has admin rights on mattermost and i need to assign myself admin role to get system_console access.
plz help me in this regards,

This document may help:

Hello, @batinz

On top of the suggestions shared by @amy.blais, you can also run the following SQL query to understand the complete status of the users (teams and channels users belong & the membership - system admin OR normal users) and run the CLI commands suggested in the documentation accordingly:

SELECT DISTINCT u.Username, t.DisplayName AS TeamName, c.DisplayName AS ChannelName, cm.SchemeUser AS User, cm.SchemeAdmin AS Admin FROM ChannelMembers AS cm JOIN Channels AS c ON (cm.ChannelId=c.Id) JOIN Users AS u ON (cm.UserId=u.Id) JOIN Teams AS t ON (c.TeamId=t.Id);

You can narrow down the scope by adding the WHERE statement at the end of the SQL statement. Hope that helps.