Notify user when replying

When user B replies to user A’s post, shouldn’t user A get a notification without user B having to actually tag them in the comment? It seems we miss a lot of times when someone comments on/replies to a post because users don’t realize they still need to tag the person since it’s a not a generic post - it’s a reply/comment to an existing post made by a specific user.

Is this expected behavior? If so, I will put in a feature request because it would be very convenient if replies automatically notified the user that made the post being replied to/commented on without having to tag them every time. It would be great if this was an option in the notification settings.

hi @smackjack3, there’s a ticket on this in the backlog, would highly appreciate a feature idea filed so it can be upvoted.

This feature keeps getting bumped back release to release, more people wanting it would help it either get queued faster, or possibly a contributor interested in adding it,

If you do add one, please link from here so it can be discussed?

Just added the idea: