Unfollow a thread

When you got tagged in a conversation you will keep receiving notices even if the question that was directed to you is already answered.

It would be very nice (and time saving) to have the option to ‘unfollow a thread’ so the notifications will stop until a @here or @username has been used again.

If this is a duplicate question: sorry, couldn’t find it :slight_smile:

Hi, @Melvin

May I know if you have set the following setting in your Account Settings > Notifications > Reply notifications?

This is to ensure that you won’t receive notifications unless you are mentioned. Please let me know if that works for you. Otherwise, I’ll be happy to dig deeper into your use case here.


Colleague 1 asks a question in a channel and tags me.
I answer the question but also tell my colleague ‘make sure to double check this with colleague 2’.

Collega 1 and 2 continue the thread which results in me having to deal with all the notifications I get via Google Chrome. Would be nice to have a ‘unfollow thread’ feature :slight_smile:

Hi, @Melvin

Got it. If that’s the case, the setting I shared to you should do the trick because it will not trigger the notifications until you are being @mentioned again in the thread (apart from the first mention from Colleague 1).

May I know if you have given it a try on your side?

Hello, @ahmaddanial

:blush: nope, that was still on the default setting (we updated to a new version of MM recently) so I switched it as advised.

I’ll keep monitoring this and if it doesn’t work the way I expect it to I will reply here.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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@ahmaddanial this doesn’t really work because switching the setting as advised suppressed all the notifications also the ones I do need to see because they are in a thread that I am following.

It would be very nice if the ‘unfollow thread’ would cause the notifications for that specific thread the be disabled until I get tagged via an athere or atusername again.

Hi, @Melvin

Completely understandable. With that being the case, may I know if you are open to create a suggestion in the Mattermost Uservoice portal so we (us and the community) can keep track of this publicly?

The dev/engineering team will have visibility on it as well and depending on the votes the topic receives, the team will be able to gauge the effort to implement it based on that.

Let me know if that makes sense.

@ahmaddanial done!


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