Plugin not found after mattermost upgrade

Bigbluebutton plugin 2.2.0 not found after upgrading mattermost from 5.39 to 7.2

Expected behavior
I expected Bigbluebutton to continue working as usual after upgrading

Observed behavior
The plugin is listed in the System Console as active, everything seems fine.

But when clicking the Bigbluebutton icon in Mattermost, this message appears in the mattermost.log:

{"timestamp":"2022-08-22 09:56:34.030 +02:00","level":"debug","msg":"Access to route for non-existent plugin","caller":"app/plugin_requests.go:44","missing_plugin_id":"bigbluebutton","url":"/plugins/bigbluebutton/create","error":"plugin not found: bigbluebutton"}

Hi David,

2.2.0 is pretty old - the most recent version seems to be 4.4.0. Can you try to install the latest version of the plugin and see if that fixes this issue?


I will do an upgrade of BBB ASAP. But what could be causing this behaviour?

Unfortunately, the error messages do not provide the information necessary to answer your question.
There must be other error messages before them, most likely during the server startup where problems with plugin compatibility might be logged.

Can you check the logs for such lines again or restart the server and watch the log using tail -f mattermost.log to see if anything related to the bigbluebutton plugin is being logged?

It didn’t say anything about BBB during startup. We reinstalled a later version of the plugin and it’s working fine now. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that - thanks for confirming that it’s working now for you.