Priority of the message about the absence of the user

Now the message is:

We couldn’t find an existing account matching your credentials. This team may require an invite from the team owner to join.

Takes priority ERROR is this right? In this message there is no mistake just someone who is breaking who is not there and that’s it. It is more correct to remove this message in INFO.

Thanks @danilvoe, to clarify, you’d like to move this from ERROR to INFO?

If so, I think that would make sense. Would you be open to submitting a pull request for changing it?

Yes. It is the transfer to INFO.

I’ll try to do with Pull request.

There is a similar message to which in ERROR there is nothing to do -

Login failed because of invalid password

Your account is locked. Please reset your password.

This message does not carry any information related to errors, see - not the correct password or a locked account

is not a program error. :slight_smile:

For each error, you need a separate pull request or can you use one?

I had this error once. It was because the Mattermost has reach its maximum users limit.

If it’s the case, it has to have an ERROR level, no?

@danilvoe One is enough - as long as you include a list of changes, the developers can review and offer feedback as needed.

Let me know if you need any help with the pull request

@DarckCrystale that’s a good point, something to consider @danilvoe