Search result with filter issue for messages and file

I hope you are good and doing well. When I search messages using filter its also display files in result and vice versa. like I used on date filter to search message but it also displays files whenever I just select messages search.


I think a file is also always a message, that’s why - it’s just attached to a message, but I get your point. Let me try to find out what others think about that.

Thanks for your reply, have you got others point on it?

I was just about to update you on that issue. There’s an ongoing discussion on how this can be better clarified in the future. What you’re seeing here is actually a list of Posts and you can then filter down to only show the files, but since every file is also part of a post, matching posts will show. There’s no filter to exclude file-only posts in the search results as of yet and the ongoing discussion right now is about the possibility to add additional filters or make this a bit more transparent, but for the time being, it will stay like it is right now.

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