Seeing messages with smart watch

We use mattermost in our company. But I can’t see incoming messages on my smartwatch. I just see it as a message arrived. It does not show the message content. Will there be any development on this?

Hi @volkantipi ,

can you please share some details about your environment? What Mattermost server and mobile version are you running? What wearable device is this (in what OS version) and what mobile device (in what OS version) do you have running?

In my configuration (Mattermost server 7.8.1, iOS 16.3.1, watchOS 9.3.1 and mobile App version 2.1.0 (Build 457) this is working as expected. I can see the name, the message and the profile picture on the watch notifications.

Server 7.5.1
Android app 2.1.0
Wear OS 3.5 ( Galaxy Watch 5 Pro)

I don’t know about the speech to text part. But for me signal messages only show up as a notification on my galaxy watch 4 containing the senders name. I have signal set to only show contact name in the app because I don’t like someone being able to see the content of message on the lock screen if they pick up my phone.

Hi @nosir512a , welcome to the Mattermost forums!

What speech2text part are you referring to? Mattermost does also have the option to remove the message from the notifications, good hint, thanks!

@volkantipi you can check that in System console → Site Configuration → Notifications → Push Notification Contents

Does this setting need to be checked on the server? There is no such section in the mobile app.

Can you take a screen from your watch where you can see the message content?

Yes, this is in the server settings.


Can you take a screen from your watch where you can see the message content?


I asked my manager to do it this way, it worked. Thanks a lot.

Awesome, thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile: I’m marking this issue as resolved now.