Push notifications (iOS) message content not visible

Hi all,

I’ve installed a push proxy server (latest release) on top of a Mattermost instance version: 3.1.0 3.1.0. In my tests, I do get the push notifications (iOS), however, I only get “someone sent you a direct message” or “someone mentioned you”. The text that could follow the mention or part of the direct message does not appear in the push notification.

Is it the normal behavior? If so, I am guessing I would add a “idea” in uservoice so that we could have the choice just as the native “Messages” from Apple offers.

Thank you,

Hi @FredBlaise.

By default, only generic messages are sent, to include content from messages go to System Console > Notifications > Mobile Push > Send full message snippet.

Does this help?

Hi there,

Yes it does! After upgrading, I now can get the message in the notifications.