[SOLVED] Battery drain in iOS

One of my users reports a massive battery drain that the iOS Apps of Mattermost cause him. He reports 3% in about 10 minutes. What is interesting is that the same problem exists with the classic app and the new native app. He also cannot use the mobile browser to log in. I am wondering wether something in his account is broken that causes lots of data transfers. The Mattermost logs shows nothing unusual. Other users (myself included) have no problems. Has anyone seen similar problems?

Hi @Twilek

I have a question, do you know if that user uploaded an image using the phone camera to capture the image? I’m planing to investigate this issue but I haven’t been able to reproduce and I’m looking for possible scenarios.


I have talked to the user. Upon closer inspection he is not 100% sure wether he really used the new native app. As I cannot reproduce the problem myself I consider this closed for the time being, sorry for the bother.

No problem @Twilek! Thanks for posting back :slight_smile:

So the user got a new iPhone and installed Mattermost native App fresh. He then proceeded to watch 2 hours of YouTube. After that his battery usage looked like this

He used the phone to upload the screenshot but only after the app used so much battery.

I myself can still not reproduce this.

I have been thinking. I am running an FTP Server on the same machine as Mattermost. The user with the battery problems is the only one whose FTP connections are regularly dropped every few minutes when he is connected to his home internet access. Would the Mattermost app use a lot of energy even in the background if it had to reestablish the connection every let´s say 5-10 minutes and would it do so in the background. Is there a simple way to see in Mattermost if connections are lost.

Maybe there is more to this. Another user sent me this

Seems quite a lot for a messenger app.

Opened a Github Issue:

Thanks @Twilek,

I’ll close this issue off here and we can track it via your GitHub issue above.