Stacked / Squashed Push Notification Suggestion

Problem Definition

  • Every time users receives notifications from Mattermost, push notifications are sent according to the in-app notification settings.
  • In the case of direct messages, users will receive multiple push notifications if they are chatting with several users at the same time and it can be overwhelming when the user relies on the mobile app, most of the time.
  • It would be good if the number of notification messages could be squashed or reduced into a single notification.

Suggested Solution

  • One notification (both visual and phonetical) would be sufficient to indicate that it is a good time to switch to the mobile app in order to see what people are discussing.
  • In other words, users would prefer if the app does not send additional notifications or would at least do this without notifying them explicitly if one Mattermost notification is still open
  • One widely known notification sample is from GMail where you will only get a single notification even if more mails arrive within that period (you can also disable that in the settings if you prefer).
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