The button "Start Call" disappeared

Does anybody has an idea?

Hi UBK-RE and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Can you please share some information about your setup, are you using a self hosted deployment or one of the cloud options and if the latter is the case, what subscription do you have and when did the button disappear?
If you’re on a self hosted deployment, can you check that the plugin is still running in the system console and maybe restart it (by disabling and enabling it)?

Thanks for response. We have the cloud option. The button disappeared yesterday the whole day. In the evening it appeared again. It’s weird.

Hi again,

Calls is still in Beta and I think I read somewhere in the Community chat that there has been an issue with the plugin for a few hours, so this might be related to what you were seeing.
Glad to hear that it’s working again for you!