TLS on Mattermost with BigBlueButton

Hi guys,
Hope you are well. I am using Mattermost and BigBlueButton on the same server.
BBB requires https in order to use your mic function as this wont function over an unencrypted connection.
Seeing that I have BBB using https on the server, am I able to enable and setup TLS for mattermost?
In my mind I’m thinking this wont work as the ports are being utilized by BBB. Has anyone had any experience with this setup?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I haven’t used BBB before. Can BBB use mic function while reverse proxy via nginx with TLS?

If so then you can use nginx to handle the TLS, reverse proxy to local http Mattermost, reverse proxy to BBB.
This is the way I manage to use Mattermost with other services (i.e. apache to serve dynamic web page) on the same server under same domain.