Transfer mattermost account/disconnect billing from my CC

I’ve tried contacting sales/support and gotten no response. I’ve tried to disconnect my credit card from our mattermost account and cannot. I’ve looked for a way to transfer the mattermost account to another member on the team and cannot.

Is there any way to achieve this without contacting the bank and initiating a chargeback for fraud? That’s the only way I can see to get mattermost to stop billing me.

I saw that the sales and dev teams were contacted about this internally. They were wondering what the workspace URL of the account that needs to be removed from the CC is. You can provide the URL in the Zendesk support ticket.

That is interesting because I don’t have a zen desk ticket, none was sent to me via email.

@Walt thanks for reporting this - are you open to sharing what method you used to contact sales/support? I wonder if there’s a step in that workflow that’s broken.

Also, let us know if the issue hasn’t been resolved, and we can escalate it for you.

Yes your workflow is broken. No I no longer care. Have you removed my credit card as requested? No. Have you let the instance die as requested? No. Have you informed me what date the instance will die so I can inform the team? No. Have you responded in a timely fashion to any of my emails? No. What have you done as per my request? I’M WAITING…

@Walt huge deep apologies about your experience, I’ve messaged our support team to get to resolution right away.

FYI and FWIW team gave up on my transferring the instance to them after many attempts to contact support failed and especially after following supports instructions failed. Seems making someone an admin doesn’t give them access to add cc#. Advise testing…

@Walt Thank you, this is helpful. We are investigating and will get back to you via the Zendesk ticket.