Unable to purchase additional seat on the website

I’m reaching out because I need assistance with purchasing an additional seat on our Mattermost instance. We’ve recently added a new hire and are now prompted to upgrade our license. However, the option to do so is no longer available on the website, and we’re being directed to contact the sales department.

We reached out to the sales team last week, but unfortunately, we haven’t received a response yet. In the meantime, we’re seeing warning messages in our workspace about the missing seat.

Could you please help me expedite this process or provide an estimated timeframe for when we can expect to hear back from the sales department? I understand that contacting the sales team may be
necessary, but it seems unnecessary for a simple license upgrade. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

What’s your email address? DM me if you like. I’ll get someone connected with you.

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Hi John, thanks for your quick reply. It seems like I am not able to DM you directly and the sales department still has not provided us with a solution by email. We are just looking to purchase an additional seat.

Can you send me a screenshot or copy-and-paste from your System Console → ABOUT → Edition & License? I’m john.oliver@mattermost.com