Trial expired after we changed channel permissions and now locked out

Trial applied on existing self-hosted team, it expired after we changed channel permissions and now we can’t change them back (option not available in system console)

Steps to reproduce
We are using self-hosted v5.1.1

Observed behavior
All our teams channels were set as read-only during the trial, but after the trial expired we wish to make them writable now again.

Expected behaviour
We should be able to message each other.

Hi @jason1 and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Are you sure that you’re using server version 5.1.1? This is very, very old - the current version is 7.10.2 and I’m afraid working on such an issue on the version 5.1.1 is not possible nowadays.

What channel permissions did you change? Is noone able to write to these channels anymore now or are sysadmins able to do so at least?

Hi @agriesser thanks for the quick response! Yes, 5.1.1, can do upgrade, but now we have this problem to solve.

I’m assuming we can’t get another trial enterprise license to apply - if we could we could just reset the permissions on the channels. But when the trial expired, those options disappeared from the system console. Is there a way to edit these from the command line, or the config file?

As to the users affected:
SystemAdmin - we have access to a few of our channels that we left available to post - the majority were put into read mode and even we don’t have write to these.
Existing regular users also have access to the same few channels that we left open.
Newly added users have no access to any channels.

I’m not exactly sure where the permissions are stored, let’s check some things in the database directly.
Please run the following commands and post the output:

select name from channels where schemeid != '';
select id,scope,deleteat from schemes;
select name from roles;

Not sure if this will help, but let’s see.