UI issues when using Windows Desktop App with Citrix or RDP


When using Mattermost Windows Desktop App 3.5.0, with citrix or RDP, when I change focus to an application below Mattermost, the UI doesn’t render/re-paint correctly:

Steps to reproduce

Connect to Citrix Virtual Desktop or RDP to a Windows machine. When Mattermost is on top, and you click to change focus to another app, these UI artifacts happen. The re-painting doesn’t complete. This does not happen when I minimize the mattermost app.

Expected behavior

The UI should re-paint correctly

Observed behavior

This only happens when I use a Citrix Virtual Desktop or if I use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to my PC.

Hey @marcchang and sorry for the late response,

Can you try disabling GPU hardware acceleration by using the –disable-gpu Chromium command line switch?

We’ve previously noticed that GPU acceleration can sometimes cause UI rendering issues

@jasonblais, So I should run chrome.exe with the --disable-gpu flag? Is that correct?

Yeah, that’s correct - if that doesn’t help or causes other issues, let me know