Unread messages badge in taskbar icon in linux

I am wondering why one cannot have the red badge indicating unread messages on the taskbar icon in linux? many other apps seems to handle this fine

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Hi there, @lohfu

The current behavior of the Linux desktop client only flashes for a couple of seconds when a new message is received and while users can be occupied with work and other tasks, it is easy to miss out on this.

I did a little bit of research and came across the following feature request related to the question that you have here:

Since it is still under discussion, I would recommend you to cast your vote(s) and keep an eye on it should there be any updates. Hope that helps.


seems there is actually a red badge on the status icon when there are unread messages. for some reason it just wasnt working at the moment. gonna follow that feature request though because having a count on the badge would make it nicer.

Hi, @lohfu

Indeed. While that is the current behavior of the Linux desktop client, I would say that it will be better to actually have an unread message counter so users will know that they need to start going through their channels to keep up on whats going on. Thanks for keeping yourself in the loop of the feature request.