Using @ doesn't search users nickname like the web app

I’ve noticed when using the web app, I can use @ and start typing a users nickname and it will find them but on the mobile app, it only seems to search for their nickname, first and last name. Is this perhaps a feature I need to put in a request for or an issue with the mobile app?

iOS App Version: 1.29.0
Server Version: 5.21.0

Hi, @shred

I want to get a good understanding on the behavior that you are seeing on your end with the @ mention. Can you provide some screen shots / screen recording to compare what you are seeing on the desktop / web app versus the mobile app?

This will provide a clear explanation so I can test it on my end. Thanks.

Hey @ahmaddanial, I’m actually looking at this right now. It seems the mobile app simply doesn’t search the nickname attribute. Here’s a reference to where I’m looking at the source code. I’m fairly confident the function above is returning all properties of the UserProfile which you can see here and I also did a quick test adding some debugging code into autocomplete.js where I can see full user profiles being returned (with the nickname attribute).

Here’s a basic example:

There is a user with the following profile attributes:

  • First name: John
  • Last name: Doe
  • Email:
  • Username: johndoe
  • Nickname: Dragon

When you starting typing @ in the channel post bar, it begins searching for users in your team or server. In the web app, it appears to be searching all five of the attributes mentioned above so if I type in @dragon, it will find the user.

However, on the mobile app, it only appears to be searching the first four attributes so if I type in @dragon, it will not find the user.

If I add the following to the source code:


It appears to be working but I’m also testing this on a Mattermost instance with 16k+ users, so there’s some users I can’t seem to find by nickname but I’m fairly certain it’s based on however the database is refreshed.