Video file thumbnails not generating issue

Is there a specific reason, we are generating image thumbnails in the team edition but not generating video file thumbnails?
any solution to show video file thumbnail in mattermost team edition?

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Hi Muhammad,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your query. Presently, video file thumbnails are not generated in Mattermost Team Edition by default. This is because video thumbnail generation often requires additional system resources. However, I understand your need and how this functionality can add value to your Mattermost experience.

While we don’t have this feature available directly within Mattermost Team Edition, you might consider using a plugin or integration which adds this kind of functionality. For instance, you might check for media server plugins or other video-related integrations.

In the meantime, we’re always here to help with any other questions or issues you have using Mattermost! Best of luck.

Alright. Thanks for your response. I will check.

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