Video Preview (non-youtube)

Our users can’t play .mp4 videos in-browser/in-client. We’re using MM Enterprise Edition 4.8.0 and our users mainly the Windows Client 4.0.0. Any suggestions?

@jan If you open the videos directly in the browser by pressing ctrl+o and then selecting the video file, can they be played? We just rely on what the browser can handle, so it’s possible that the browser just doesn’t support them.

@hmhealey Just tested that: it works. Chrome Browser plays that video without any problem… hmm. What else could be wrong?

@jan Do the videos then play if you open Mattermost in Chrome? Maybe the desktop app doesn’t support the same video formats that Chrome does

@hmhealey Quick answer: no, they don’t play :frowning:

Does anyone know if this has been resolved? On the desktop client (Version 5.3.1 (46002745061), macOS 13.3.1 (a) (22E772610a)) uploaded video files still need to be downloaded to be played, they cannot be played in-client. Youtube links, however, can be played in-client.

Maybe the original poster can edit the thread title, this doesn’t look like it’s [SOLVED].

I’ve edited the title, but the issue seems to have been solved for the OP, at least it seems to be dependent on the video format I thnk. If you encounter issues like that, please create a new topic and link to this one in your first comment and then let’s try to debug the issue for you there.