Chat and Email and how to migrate

We have customers who we currently interact with using email. However internally i would like to interact with colleagues using mattermost. What i would like to happen is for external customers to email into mattermost so that we can read their messages and also respond to the message via mattermost so that the customer gets our response via email. Please note the customers email may have many people cc’d so a reply/reply to all approach is needed. Can mattermost achieve this? You may say just use email but i would like to migrate away from email, but obviously there’s a migration issue here. This must be a common problem for every new mattermost customer so it would be great to have a tutorial on this.

this is not possible with MM, but there are other solutions can you try.

this is not a comment problem, as Mattermost is an IM and to collab in real time.

Combining MM with another solution like discourse can work for you