LG G4 - messages get truncated

Hi, I’m using an Android - LG G4 and the matter most app on the Google Play store (It happens on the beta app too). For some reason, when I send messages out and when I receive messages it appears truncated on my end but it appears okay on the desktop app. Anyone encountered something similar?

See screenshot. The last part is supposed to say
(message deleted)
(msg hi)
(hello world)
(testing hi)


Hi @Ashwongg,

Confirming that you’re on Mattermost app v1.13?

Confirmed! on the web app it’s fine.


Thank you @Ashwongg, I don’t have an Android device to test this on, so I’ve asked our QA team to keep an eye on this and open a bug ticket if they can reproduce.

Thanks @Ashwongg, I’m on the QA team :slight_smile: and just tried quickly to reproduce on my Android, but haven’t been able to reproduce it yet.

Do you continue to see the issue now, and is it happening in multiple channels? And do you see it with various text strings, or just when the message starts with ( ?

Also, what version of Android are you seeing this on?

Hi Linda,

I find that it appears on my Android LG G4, hasn’t happened on my coworkers phone that also uses android.

Multiple channels and various messages as you can see above in the first screenshot it before the (message test) this was also getting truncated

just a bunch of giant mushrooms
squishing rooms

she would like that

Heres some information about the phone as well:
Android Version 6.0

Thanks very much. On further testing and digging, I realized we’ve had similar reports recently, and a fix is in for v1.14 that may help.

If you’d like, you’re welcome to test on the version in this APK, which would include that fix, and see if you still see the issue: https://releases.mattermost.com/mattermost-mobile-pr/PR-2285/PR-2285.apk

Cool =) Thanks that works!

Oh great news! Thanks for giving it a try and for letting us know. Glad it’s fixed. :slight_smile: