No push notifications while mobile app is closed but you're logged in to the app

Opening a new Issue as FYI for anyone who experiences the following situation with push notifications:


You have DMs / mentions for which you didn’t receive push notifications. If you are logged in to the app when you open the app next time, you’ll start getting the push notifications.


If you check your sessions from another browser, you’ll probably notice that the session for the mobile app is shown as an “iOS” session instead of an “iOS Native App” session, meaning you wouldn’t get push notifications. Once you re-open the app, you might notice that it switches to an “iOS Native App” session, and you’ll start getting push notifications again. In this case, the mobile app either didn’t register a device ID with the server when you first logged in, or it got erased after that.



  1. Re-open the app.
  2. Log out of all sessions (Main Menu > Account Settings > Security > View and Logout of Active Sessions) and then log back in to the mobile app.