Push Notification on every Direct Message even when online


After the 3.3.0 upgrade every single direct message is being pushed to the mobile application. All participants are already online through the web desktop interface, typing direct messages between each other and for each message sent, the mobile application receives a notification.

Steps to reproduce

We were using 3.2, upgraded to 3.3. All of us using the official Android app.

Expected behavior

Open direct message between members and start sending messages, the smartphone should start receiving push notifications.

Observed behavior

If should not be sending messages when the participants are all online in the web desktop interface already, so this must be a bug introduced in 3.3.0

Thanks @akitaonrails,

Sorry about that, we actually had another report today and filed a ticket to have this fixed. It should be reviewed tomorrow and you can track the status from the link.

Highly appreciate your report!